WATER LILY DANCE - Coming August 20, 2019

A New Historical Novel by Michelle Muriel

Mark your calendars! I’m so excited to share my new novel, Water Lily Dance, with you. Available as a beautiful hardcover, paperback, and eBook August 20, 2019!

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WATER LILY DANCE by Michelle Muriel

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The lives and secrets of three women, centuries apart, intersect at the artist Claude Monet’s garden in this emotional, imaginative portrait of loss, love, and second chances.

Water Lily Dance is an imaginative, emotional journey from my heart to yours. We trade the splendor of a humble rose garden in my debut novel, Essie’s Roses, for an escape across the generations to one of the most famous gardens in the world: Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France.


The greatest loss we may ever experience is that of ourselves.

From the author of the award-winning, bestselling Essie’s Roses comes an imaginative, emotional portrait of the secret side of grief and the deep bonds and secrets between mothers and daughters. Three women centuries apart set out to escape a colorless life, connected by one of the most controversial, beloved artists in the world: Claude Monet. But at what cost?

Missouri, 2014. Sophie Noel, an emerging artist and daughter of renowned artist Josephine de Lue, holds an extraordinary imagination, but a year after the unexpected deaths of her father and husband, she cannot imagine a way to "move on" from loss—or the buried childhood memory trying to resurface that would have torn her family apart. To cope with grief and the temptation to leave it all behind, Sophie escapes into a painted world of color and light venting her anxiety to an old childhood friend—an imaginary one: French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet.

Paris, 1865. Camille Doncieux is captivated by the rebirth of Paris and the rebellious artists who wage war against tradition and the government's censorship at the annual art exhibition at the Paris Salon. Behind the windows of her father's luxurious dress shop, Camille plots a rebellion of her own after meeting three bold artists who will change her life forever: Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, and Frédéric Bazille. But in Paris, where a young woman's life is ordered and controlled, a family secret and Camille's quest for love and fame may cost her everything, perhaps even the man she loves.

From an eclectic town in Missouri to the stunning backdrop of 19th-century Paris at the height of the Impressionist art movement, Water Lily Dance is a heartbreaking, heart-mending tale of loss, love, and second chances.

I must have flowers, always, and always.
— Claude Monet
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This was an extremely personal novel to write, one that took an enormous amount of research and courage to share. I hope Water Lily Dance captures your heart and you enjoy Sophie’s journey, escaping into 19th-century Paris at the height of the Impressionist art movement, and walking in the bold footsteps of the model, wife, and muse to one of the greatest figures in art history: French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet.

In the next few months I will share more about the reasons and history behind this special story. To learn more, visit my FAQ page on my website at www.michellemuriel.com

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