Water Lily Dance a new novel by bestselling author Michelle Muriel


Coming August 2019! I am so excited my new novel WATER LILY DANCE enters the next stage.
Many of you have wanted a sequel to Essie’s Roses (coming soon!) but after the death of my mom, a casualty to a national drug shortage for a chemotherapy drug to extend her life she could not get, I had to follow my heart and write this novel as a dedication to her. My mom was a 1960s wife who dreamed of becoming an artist, but she set her dream aside to raise her children. This is for her.

THANK YOU all for your continued encouragement, enthusiasm and support! <3 Stay tuned!

Here’s a teaser:

The greatest loss we may ever experience is that of ourselves.

From the award-winning, bestselling author of Essie’s Roses, Michelle Muriel intertwines past and present in this imaginative, emotional portrait of the secret side of grief and the deep bonds and secrets between mothers and daughters. Three women centuries apart set out to escape a colorless life, connected by one of the most controversial, beloved artists in the world: Claude Monet. But at what cost?

From an eclectic town in Missouri to the stunning backdrop of 19th-century Paris at the height of the Impressionist art movement, Water Lily Dance is a heartbreaking, heart-mending tale of loss, love, and second chances.

Coming August 2019 a new historical novel by bestselling author Michelle Muriel Water Lily Dance

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Happy Spring!

So much rain in St. Louie! I am beyond ready for sunny days and spring flowers. I enjoy the quiet of the winter, but this year I couldn’t wait for spring. I love visiting my favorite place to write the Missouri Botanical Garden. Some years the flowers are sparse due to the fickle St. Louis weather and late frosts, others, it’s simply divine. I’m hopeful this year vibrant, fragrant blossoms abound.

That is the joy of hope. Hope tells us not to give up no matter what we see or experience. It encourages us to have faith sunshine is on the horizon during the storm. I have experienced many of those storms, and I realized the longer I stayed in the shadows, the longer I missed the light. And that is the theme of my next novel.

spring flowers lavender

I know many of you have walked through some tough winter months. Spring sunshine and rebirth give us all something to smile about, and for me this year, hope. Just as you hold in your heart, I have many hopes and dreams. But lately, I’m thankful for one day at a time. I think sometimes we miss that—those simple things that bring us joy.

Be encouraged. As spring blossoms, give yourself permission to enjoy it. Breathe in the sunshine and fresh air, turn off the news, tune in to what you’re thankful for, and of course enjoy the escape of a great book!

In the months ahead, I’ll give you updates on my new novel and its release, hoping (wink, wink), you’ll once again pick up my new novel and join me on this journey. You have been a special support and inspiration to me as I write—finish line in sight!

Writing this novel has been an overwhelming journey and a tremendous challenge. I had no idea the scope of historical research involved (I’ll share more about the intriguing reasons why), but in the end, I hope it’s worth it. I think it is. I think as a writer when you give yourself to creating a world a reader can escape into that provides entertainment, a glimpse into history, characters to cheer for, and possibly some insightful lessons to ponder—that makes the time and extra effort worth it.

frienship quote roses
“Friendship is the instrument by which God reveals to each of us the beauties of others.”
— C.S. Lewis

I am FOREVER grateful for your support. Essie’s Roses continues to reach new readers. Every time its highlighted by a bookseller or readers like you in a giveaway, on your Facebook timeline or Goodreads bookshelf it touches more hearts. I haven’t forgotten those of you eager for an Essie’s Roses sequel. I’ll be working hard reuniting the girls in Back to Westland. Water Lily Dance was one of those stories my heart just had to write. I hope it will encourage yours. I’ll keep you posted on all, and as always thank you for your treasured friendship and support.

Stay strong, positive, and in the sunshine! Happy reading,