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True Love

“Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.” ~Henry David Thoreau

One of the things that spoke to me as I wrote my novel Essie’s Roses was the tender love story that unfolded among all of the women of Westland: Miss Katie, Delly, and especially between Evie and Essie. I had no idea where their journey would take me, but I treasured how Evie and Essie persevere in the face of tremendous political and social pressure, even danger, to remain by each other’s side. Their friendship is that of committed and sometimes tough love. Read on...

Happy New Year!

Friends, I can hardly believe another year is coming to an end. Essie’s Roses had amazing success this year because of you. I’m so grateful it continues to find its readers and touch hearts as you have touched mine with your continued encouragement, support, and friendship. Read on...

A New Year for ESSIE'S ROSES


Yes, it’s here. It is always a bit strange having my birthday on New Year's Day. Fun too! To my fellow New Year’s babies: Happy Birthday! To all of my friends, you have given me a wonderful gift for my birthday and new year: Essie’s Roses continues to be an Amazon bestseller. Thank you. I absolutely need and treasure your support. You have and continue to make a difference.

Be Encouraged - Peace

Two are better than one. Thank you for your amazing support this year. I cannot believe winter is upon us. What a beautiful journey having you in my corner, cheering on Essie’s Roses as it reaches more readers. Thank you for everything you have done to spread the word about my debut novel. Feeling so blessed! As a new year approaches, I wish you everything that is beautiful, edifying, and good.

The holidays can be a hard time for many. Whether missing lost loved ones, feeling a little down as the year comes to an end, fear of the unknown, pressures from work, family, and the holiday rush . . .all of these things can take their toll.