Happy New Year!

Friends, I can hardly believe another year is coming to an end. Essie’s Roses had amazing success this year because of you. I’m so grateful it continues to find its readers and touch hearts as you have touched mine with your continued encouragement, support, and friendship.

Counting My Blessings

When I count my blessings, I count you twice Michelle Muriel author of Essie's Roses www.MIchelleMuriel.com

THANK YOU for making ESSIE’S ROSES a continued Amazon bestseller! Over the past 18 months not only did you catapult Essie’s Roses to a #1 Amazon Kindle bestseller, you put it on eight Amazon bestseller lists!
When I count my blessings, I count you twice!  <3

What's Next?

chap 1 mm.jpg

Watch for my upcoming post about my new historical novel set in Paris, sequels to Essie's Roses, and more!

I’m so excited about this next novel. I never imagined how much research I would undertake writing my next book, an emotional story that is special to my heart packed with imaginative twists and turns–and unexpected insight into the life of one of the most admired historical figures of the twentieth century. Stay with me! I promise it will be one intriguing, emotional read.

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One kind word can warm three winter months.
— Japanese Proverb

As we say goodbye to another year, be encouraged. Don’t allow this world, the news, or whatever the negative voice around you discourage you from pursuing your heart’s desire. Dig in. Dig deep. Keep moving. Keep dreaming. My heartfelt wish for you this holiday season is that you embrace peace, extend love, and are comforted at this time and beyond.

Here’s to a new year of peace, prosperity, purpose, JOY . . . and GREAT BOOKS! <3

Much love & HAPPY READING!

Michelle Muriel