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A New Year for ESSIE'S ROSES


Yes, it’s here. It is always a bit strange having my birthday on New Year's Day. Fun too! To my fellow New Year’s babies: Happy Birthday! To all of my friends, you have given me a wonderful gift for my birthday and new year: Essie’s Roses continues to be an Amazon bestseller. Thank you. I absolutely need and treasure your support. You have and continue to make a difference.

Midwest Book Review: Review of ESSIE'S ROSES

WOW! Another SUPER editorial review! Thank you to the Midwest Book Review for featuring Essie’s Roses in the August 2015 issue of your book review publication Small Press Bookwatch.

“Impressively well written from beginning to end, Essie's Roses is an inherently absorbing and skillfully presented read, establishing author Michelle Muriel as an exceptionally talented novelist. Certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.” -Midwest Book Review

What is it About Roses?

“At every stage the rose’s fragrance varied offering something tempting and sublime. When the red buds were beginning to open, they smelled rich like wine. The delicate yellow roses teased me with their perfume. In the morning their outer petals hinted of mint and their centers smelled of vanilla cake. On a warm afternoon, their scent laced with ginger and honey tickled my nose, and in the cool of the evening, sweet sugar icing.” Essie’s Roses, Michelle Muriel


I can smell a rose just by saying its name. There’s something so special about a rose. Its history, romance, captivating perfume, and elegance. Throughout history it has been a symbol of love, passion, and highly prized for its fragrance and beauty. Did you know there is a difference between roses grown today and roses grown in the nineteenth century?