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Historical Novel Society: Review of ESSIE'S ROSES!

Historical Novel Society: Review of Essie's Roses "...tremendously impressive debut novel.. A richly moving reading experience."

ESSIE'S ROSES by Michelle Muriel

Michelle Muriel’s tremendously impressive debut novel takes place in the Antebellum South and centers on the experiences of four remarkable women: Katherine Winthrop, a sweet-natured woman who comes to find herself the owner of Westland, an Alabama cotton plantation; Delly, her strong-willed house slave and confidant; Evie, Katherine’s daughter, and Essie Mae, a young slave girl who forms a deep and life-changing friendship with young Evie. To read more visit #historicalnovelsociety #bookreviews #essiesroses #michellemuriel

Essie's Roses: A Novel

It’s finally here! After years of research… Years of stalling… Years of waiting… I’m excited to share this story with you. And honored you would choose it to read.

So many things can happen to a writer when they sit down to write. Staring at a blank page or my bright, white computer screen with the little flashing cursor never intimidates me. Just like playing an over-rehearsed song on the piano, my fingers start to move before I even think. That’s how I like it. That’s when I feel inspired; thrilled maybe this story is one I would like to share.