Sweet Summer Reads!

Summer Reads!

Summer is here! Essie's Roses paperback on sale now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound. An Amazon #1 Kindle Bestseller only $3.99. It’s the perfect time to share Essie’s Roses with a friend. Click here to read an excerpt!

What’s on your summer reading list?

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If you’re looking for a few suspenseful reads to add to your summer reading list: I thoroughly enjoyed Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once, Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf, and one of my favorite reads: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

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Sweet Reviews!

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May and June have been months of reflection for me as I work on my next novel. I continue to be grateful for your encouragement and relentless support. You make it feel like I am just sharing stories with friends. By your involvement in sharing your reviews and kind words about Essie’s Roses, this not only enables me to write the next novel–it inspires me.

You make the difference for debut authors as myself. I will always be grateful for your support and kindness.

I wanted to share a few recent reviews left by my beautiful, gracious readers. Continued heartfelt thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time to leave your encouraging reviews for Essie’s Roses. When you spread the word, Essie’s Roses reaches more readers. Thank you.


By slim on June 5, 2016

"Most everyone writing an Amazon book review seems to want to give the storyline, and the kudos for the writer's style. Me, too. But, I want to say, just read Essie's Roses. Realistic. Historical. Pertinent. Glorious. I am awaiting the first of many sequels which WILL come, as the characters are far larger than the life given so far, yet simply want to savor the beauty of this story, as I wait. It will be read over and over, and the pleasure is something well worth looking forward to. Just read it!"

5 stars Praise for Essies Roses a heartwarming, bestselling historical novel by Michelle Muriel visit www.michellemuriel.com to read an excerpt


By Gandma K on April 10, 2016

"Two strong women each search for freedom. The roses are so symbolic. Out of their great struggles emerges beauty and strength of character. Michelle Muriel is a gifted author who in this conflicted world can take the reader to a better place."

5 Stars Historical Fiction Must-Read

By Brittany on March 24, 2016

"For this being Michelle Muriel's first novel, and a historical based one at that, I have to say, ‘Bravo!’ This is a beautifully written and well-developed novel with characters you quickly end up finding yourself rooting for. For me personally from the beginning with Essie, a character I loved from the start, I was quickly drawn into the story of her friendship and relationship with all the characters, mainly Evie Winthrop. Although Delly and Mr. Koontz are very ‘colorful’ and memorable characters as well each in their own right.

Normally a book that I find myself loving from the very start I would be done reading it within a mere few days; however, with having a child under the age of 6 months that is no longer obviously possible. Instead, it took me a few weeks of sneaking away when my husband could let me or often staying up late after my child was asleep to read as much as possible to find out what was happening next. This book is by far one of my favorite books that I have had the pleasure to read so far and would definitely recommend to anyone who loves historical fiction as much as I do! Look forward to future books!"

5 Stars for Essie's Roses by Michelle Muriel Breathtaking To read an excerpt www.michellemuriel.com

5 Stars Breathtaking

By Sue Sternon April 10, 2016

"This is a powerful tale, masterfully written. The theme is meaty and complex. The plot is so well crafted that I am in awe. The character development is the best I've ever read. This book takes us through the struggles and suffering of life but reminds us that the human spirit can overcome anything if we hold to our hopes and dreams. A true master writer."

I am grateful for each one of you. You have been an immeasurable blessing. In writing Essie’s Roses I had hoped the story would touch a few hearts. I never imagined so many people would touch mine.

Happy Summer! Happy Reading!

Spread the word… spread the message… Be free!
Michelle Muriel

Michelle Muriel is the award-winning, bestselling author of ESSIE'S ROSES. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, and after graduating, she worked as a professional actress, a member of Actors’ Equity and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for almost twenty years, doing theater, voice-over, and commercial work. She is also a songwriter and musician. Michelle lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and two quirky Border collies. She first developed ESSIE'S ROSES as a screenplay. This is her debut novel. She is currently at work on her second.