Essie's Roses: A Novel

A Historical Novel by Michelle Muriel

After years of research… Years of stalling… Years of waiting… I’m excited to share this story with you. And honored you would choose it to read.

So many things can happen to a writer when they sit down to write. Staring at a blank page or my bright, white computer screen with the little flashing cursor never intimidates me. Just like playing an over-rehearsed song on the piano, my fingers start to move before I even think. That’s how I like it. That’s when I feel inspired; thrilled maybe this story is one I would like to share.

But along the way, after the story is finished, when you do all you can to make sure it’s right; so many other sources of intimidation creep in. Blank pages and computer screens are a piece of cake. It’s hard to stand your ground sometimes and ignore those well-meaning voices. Erase no 304. Not feel like that little guy simply trying to do something with the creativity you know is inside you. The creativity you want to use to inspire and encourage someone else.

I kept Essie’s Roses to myself for a long time. Just when I was about to give up on it and write something new, my beautiful, wonderful husband and friends in my life screamed don’t. And here we are.


The journey of writing for me is more than filling that blank computer screen. It’s more than spending years of research coming up with a unique story you pray will engage and entertain a reader. It’s about learning, sharing, illuminating history in a unique way and inspiring others.

Yes, I truly hope you are entertained. After all, that is why we read fiction… to escape… to be transported somewhere else. And when that happens, even for a moment, it’s magical. It’s wonderful! But I also hope you’re encouraged and inspired.

Stories and history have a way of coming together to inspire us, perhaps make us look at things differently. Look at ourselves. I chose to explore the diverse meanings of freedom in my first novel because ironically, living in the freest country in the world, freedom can be so allusive for many.

My desire is that the message of Essie’s Roses will inspire you to be everything you’ve ever dreamed to be. To revisit dreams. Dust them off. Pay attention to them. Do them. To step out of fear. Silence critical, harsh, maybe even abusive voices. Stand up tall and be free.

Essie’s Roses has taught me not only about history, but about myself. I’m changed forever writing this book. Many writers say it’s a long, hard journey writing a book: it’s a long hard journey knowing yourself. Discovering and knowing your worth. What is it tied to? When things are tied down they can’t fly. Writing a book is easy.


No matter who is screaming, you are not. You are. You matter. Your dreams aren’t over. And if anything in your life is holding you back, you can face it, knock it down, banish it, release it, and never look back.

So my dear friend and reader, thank you. Thank you for saying yes to Essie’s Roses. Enjoy!

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Spread the word… spread the message… Be free!

Michelle Muriel